20 Years of Geodesic Living: How it stacks up

I would like to go over the plusses and minuses we have experienced in building and using a geodesic dome as a residential dwelling.  This is now our twentieth year in Domehenge , summer winter and whatever, on the top of Backbone Ridge in Garrett county Maryland.  Thus, some of my comments may be more […]

Conversations on Elevators

Our mountain dome is only two floors, not counting the 4-foot crawl space below or the small cupola on top. The “temporary” wooden ladder (still in place) goes up to that. One side of it has been well marked over the years with the heights of grandchildren and their friends. They climb up and down […]

The Land Has Spoken

After we bought our property we still had no idea what type of house we’d build. We’d speak of the “mountain house”, but with no grand vision of how it would look, or how big it would be. It would just be for get-aways and therefore probably a fairly small place. Nothing fancy.  After all, […]

Calling CQ!

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