Domehenge: Where the wild things are

Over the past two decades we have watched the ebb and flow of wildlife around our mountain top home.  The first was a bear, which we never saw, but which  visited our tent while we were back east and left his mark.  We found our tent with four long slits in the side.  He didn’t […]

The Land Has Spoken

After we bought our property we still had no idea what type of house we’d build. We’d speak of the “mountain house”, but with no grand vision of how it would look, or how big it would be. It would just be for get-aways and therefore probably a fairly small place. Nothing fancy.  After all, […]

The Best of Plans

Mark and I had often talked about our future plans way back before retirement days were near. The conversations often cropped up after a Friday night at the National Geographic lectures in the DAR Constitution Hall, followed by dinner at Freddie’s Piano Restaurant. Freddie’s was on Connecticut Avenue, a small place always filled with returning, […]