About Us

This is the blog of Mark and Denise Moynahan, coming from our home on the top of Backbone Mountain — as close as we could get to the highest point in Maryland.

Mark is a HAM radio operator (K3EE).  His extended HAM biography can be found on his old website. Eventually we may move all of that information over here, but for now that’s where you’ll find it.

Denise is an author and illustrator.  Her author website also includes a short biography and samples of her books and illustrations.

Our family calls our house Domehenge or simply The Dome. It’s a beautiful location to be happily (and busily!) retired.

This blog will be a motley collection of stories, news, personal histories, and HAM radio.  It’s primarily for our family but anyone who drops by is welcome to add a comment. We’re happy to hear from old friends and make new ones.

Thanks for stopping bye.      ~ Mark & Denise