The Settling

It seemed that the settling should be fairly quick and easy. After all, the kids had gotten the apartment all set up with the main things we needed. At least we could sit in the comfort of our living room, which looked so beautiful, especially with the flowers on the coffee table which the girls and their families had sent. We felt right at home.

For the bedroom I decided on an abstract modern bright bed quilt instead of the blue-gray one. I love it. It’s playful and cheers up the room. We found two bedside lamps made in Vietnam from old magazines – also bright and happy. The dressers were in place – Mark’s just barely fitting. The bedroom is complete.

In the kitchen, for the first few days, I found myself walking in circles trying to get meals on with the minimum of utensils, no spices, no cooking oil – not much of anything, and forgetting what was where in the cupboards and drawers. We managed, but It took a couple of big marketings to get all we needed. It’s a good-sized efficient kitchen with adequate cupboards, drawers and counter space.


The good news was that all the extra unpacked boxes and den items were in the den where we didn’t have to trip over them or sit among them. We started right in unpacking, filling kitchen cupboards, dresser drawers, desk drawers, and even more went into our bedroom closet. We threw the empty cartons and all the papers into the den closet. There’s much joy about not having to drive those 16-miles to the dump back at the mountain, but instead having a short walk of 16-feet down the hall to the trash room.


The closet was quickly emptied. I eyed it selfishly. It’s a large walk-in closet and I knew if I left it empty it would soon become a storeroom. I also was aware of the size of the den and that Mark had already claimed the space in front of the window by placing my mother’s desk there with his ham radio on top. He began right away setting it up, and later he got help with a soldering project with Hilary. The rest of the den would be for our computer tables, for the TV, and eventually a sofabed for a guestroom. Obviously it would have no room for a drawing board. I claimed the closet, ordered a small drawing board and side table, and in I moved. Perfect!


We ordered two computer tables from Staples –a put-it-together-yourself operation. We struggled three days assembling the first one. Ben and Aidan came over and assembled the second one in an hour and a half! We still haven’t ordered a sofabed. We’re sitting on folding canvas chairs to watch TV.

Megan took me on a short driving tour of the downtown area, explaining that there were many ways one could get from here to there to wherever, but it might be best if I followed this one route to begin with, and I still do most of the time. Left on Monroe. Left on Jefferson. Right on Washington. Wonderful that the presidents can guide us so nicely on our journeys to Dawson’s Market, the Giant supermarket (“giant” and “super” hardly adequate to describe the hugeness of it), and to the marvelous (and also huge), Chinese store, The Great Wall, as well as to a multitude of other shops and restaurants. We feel comfortable finding our way around. And we feel comfortable walking down to the Town Center. It’s a mini-city and we like the atmosphere.


Within our apartment complex at Victory Court we’re easily making acquaintances by attending many of the social affairs downstairs—potluck dinners, lectures, a Valentines party, monthly birthday parties (Mark being included in the March party) and casual get-togethers. Our neighbors are warm, interesting, and friendly. We’re all beginning to feel that we’re family.

The move here was the right thing to do. We’re content. We’re settled.

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Oh how wonderful! I love seeing more of the details and the pictures of your new place. It looks and sounds marvelous, Denny! Thanks for taking the time to put this together.
Lots of love from your big sister,

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