The Gator

The Background:   Back in 2009 my grandsons, Ben and Aidan Wallace, and I went on a Gator ride through my friend Jeannie Whitehair’s Fairy Forest. The boys sat in the back and we bounced over rocks and small logs, went up and down hills, and over and through places I’d never think a vehicle […]

The Settling

It seemed that the settling should be fairly quick and easy. After all, the kids had gotten the apartment all set up with the main things we needed. At least we could sit in the comfort of our living room, which looked so beautiful, especially with the flowers on the coffee table which the girls […]

The Arriving

We finally got to the apartment in Rockville about 2:00. The movers had long since gone. I wish I had been there in time to see them. Also, I had their check waiting to be filled out and their tip in an envelope. Fortunately, I had spoken to Megan earlier and she was able to […]

The Leaving

We left Domehenge (or should it be called Dometon Abbey?) on February 1st, well after 9:00am. It wasn’t the most graceful of leavings. The car was having a hard time parting, and when it heard the beckoning of a snow-filled ditch it gracefully slid into it, ignoring the driver completely. Saved, it probably thought. Now […]

Paring Down Part 2: Hilary’s Story

Continued from Part 1 – Denise’s Story Robbie, Charger and I waved goodbye to Mom and Dad, with our car loaded with items that were hopefully going to a good home. I returned home, not really feeling rushed to figure out where everything was going to go, but quickly decided most of it was going […]

Paring Down Part 1: Denise’s Story

The time has come to pare down – mainly paring down the boxes and boxes and boxes of items we haven’t looked at in 25 years. Most are stored in our crawl space under the dome. The crawl space is 4 feet high and has a gravel floor, so you can imagine walking, bent over […]

Let 4th of July Begin!

Our 4th of July (aka 4oJ) gathering of the Moynahan clan and associated friends is not a one or two day event. It normally lasts for well over a week, with some members coming early, then all 30 or so come in for main 2-4 days in the middle, and some stay a few days […]

Domehenge: Our Lower Deck

Our present lower deck wasn’t built until 2006. Originally, we only had a small deck about 10’ x 10’ outside the sliding glass door of our bedroom, facing the forest. When the addition to the house was built, we had the deck put back in place outside the new location of the sliding glass door, […]

Growing Up: Malverne, LI, NY 1938-45: The Play

As many young children do, we put on plays every now and then. Most were organized by my sister and some were improvised pretty much on the spot by the group of four budding actresses: Pattie-Anne, Gayle, Patricia and me. This particular play stands out in my mind. It was our wedding day––all of ours. […]

Growing Up: Malverne, LI, NY 1938-45: The Runaway Doll House

The sun did not shine. it was too wet to play. so we sat in the house all that cold, cold, wet day. I sat there with Sally. we sat there, we two. and I said, ‘how I wish we had something to do!’ From “The Cat in the Hat” —   by Dr. Seuss   […]