Back in Operation!


Well, the station is back in operation after being pretty much trashed all summer.  Talked with Pan, BD4QH in China last week, and an Aussie, and a station in Timor Este.   All on 20 meters and the rig worked pretty much like in old times.  Running about 800 watts output which is about 2 db off the peak output of 1200.  Am still arguing with myself over getting a larger power transformer to deliver the full 3000 volts at full load, rather than this old lashup of two smaller xfmrs in series which drop to 2400 volts at full load.

The new rotator works correctly, 360 degrees rather than the old limit to about 60 degrees.  Cockput trouble!!!   Had accidentally programmed it to 60 degree limits on rotation, but I never read that part of the instruction book. When I did understand the programming feature I realized that it must have been accidentally set when I pushed another button by mistake.  Two months lost there.

Still, I only have the TELREX, on 20 meters and the Vertical on 40 meters, and the Vertical working on its third harmonic on 15 meters.  Trouble is that much of the DX is on 17 meters and on 12 and 10 meters these days. What I need to do is repair the Log Periodic antenna and put it on the same mast as the TELREX.  That would give me a beam antenna covering all the bands from 20 to 10 meters.  The “repair” is OK, no big thing.  The “put it on the same mast as the TELREX” is the killer.  Anything goes wrong and I lose both antennas. Maybe next spring.

Anyway!!!  Back in Operation with K3EE.


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