One of Winter’s Pleasures

Winter on the mountain is beautiful after a snow. Everything is solid white; even our plowed road and driveway are white, unlike the streets in town or the highways which are sloppy and covered with dirt.

On sunny days we sometimes bundle up and go out for a walk, but most often, especially when it’s snowing, we’re content to stay inside.  We just pour another cup of coffee and, if necessary, pick up the phone to cancel and reschedule appointments. Basically, we’re winter hermits, enjoying the uninterrupted time to work on our projects––Mark with his ham radio and I at my drawing board. We read, we talk, and every so often we make popcorn and settle down to a game of Scrabble.

Oddly enough, one of our joys during the cold season is the warm bathroom. I don’t like to call it “the bathroom” because one pictures a little room with a sink, a shower/tub and a toilet. Ours is a big room, partitioned so that the toilet and sink have their own small cubicle, and the open shower and spa have the main part. Together they take up almost a quarter of the downstairs dome. Mark was tired of small shower stalls where he banged his elbows. I wanted a place to soak and look out at the snow, and with lots of room to “towel off”. The big spacious open “shower/spa” room appealed to us.

Almost all of my friends have their spas outdoors. It does sound so beautiful to be out under the stars or sitting in scalding water while the snow falls gently all around. But then one must shovel the path ahead of time (or on the way out – brrrrr). And after that there’s the climbing out part, putting the spa cover on, and racing naked back inside (or first rolling in the snow for the hearty souls).

No shoveling a path, or racing through and over snow around here! We walk on our warm tile floor. Although the whole house has heated floors, we don’t walk around all day in bare feet. We do, of course, walk barefoot in the bathroom. No cold tiles for us. How good they feel in the middle of the night when we make a trip “down the hall”. How good they feel when we step into the shower and its floor is already pre-heated. How good they feel when we walk to the spa.

“We soak and see the beautiful snow through the window.”

Then, when we climb out, our feet once again hit the warm tiles. We leisurely put the spa cover back on and then dry off. Pure comfort! I sometimes wonder if we put in a fireplace and an easy chair if I would spend all winter in there.

If only we could just keep the tiles warm all summer!

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