Domehenge: Our Lower Deck

Our present lower deck wasn’t built until 2006. Originally, we only had a small deck about 10’ x 10’ outside the sliding glass door of our bedroom, facing the forest. When the addition to the house was built, we had the deck put back in place outside the new location of the sliding glass door, now facing the dwarf cherry trees we had brought with us from Arlington.

We almost never used the little deck until one hot summer when we needed to sit out in the cool shade, which our upper deck doesn’t provide. That’s when our minds began ticking over the idea of a new deck; one that went out to the edge of the grassed area and the length of the addition.  However, the cherry trees had thrived in that space and were no longer “dwarf”. What to do. We weren’t about to have any removed.

Our final design was a deck about 16’ x 30’ that would be built around the tree in the center. In 2012 I had the far railing, which was blocking the view, moved down so we could put our feet up on it and look out into the forest and beyond. We’ve spent many hours out there reading, eating, and just cooling off. At our annual 4th of July gathering of the extended Moynahan family (30 of us) we held a crab feast wedding reception for our granddaughter Alexandra (Xan) Gerson and Noah Williams on it, and we danced until midnight to the beauty of Barry’s Ruben’s tube and Mark’s sound system.

In the winter we watch as snow blows in and creates sculptures and designs. We wait patiently (at least we try to be patient) for the spring rains and for the cherry blossoms to appear. We finally can sit out once again, cooling off with the summer breezes and the shade under the trees. Even the raccoon is happy coming out at night to find some crumbs among the fallen blossoms.

Here are a typical year’s worth of pictures of the deck —


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